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A successful man once asked a question;

 "Where do you think you will be financially in 5 to 10 years time, considering your current habits, skills, income level and career choices?"

If most of us were to answer that question honestly, we would have to admit that our future is bound to be an ugly experience unless we begin to make some drastic changes in our income, career and lifestyle ! 

I woke up one morning to the harsh reality that my life was heading nowhere; I was working at a dead-end job for 4 years, flat broke with no savings, far from accomplishing my dreams and very little time left to prepare for my desired future.

That's why I chose the Swissgarde part-time business opportunity. Becoming a distributor with Swissgarde Health & Beauty is the best career and financial decision I have made. The opportunity gave me the courage, financial support and inspiration to quit my job and pursue my dreams. 

With Swissgarde, you can start a part-time / full-time business for a minimum of N5000  and earn as much as N30,000 , N50,000 , N100,000, N500,000 ,N1,000,000 etc., per month over time, with no employee headaches, no skill or experience needed, no need to rent a shop and enough free time to do other things? 

Please Note: This is not a get-rich-quick-business!

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